Surgery in T-10; NSVs I am looking forward to

12 Dec

Surgery is on 12/21.  That is 10 days, OMG!  I was annoyed last night, we were having a joint family party for my two sons (for the extended family party, we do just one party….my oldest turned 13 on 12/5, and my youngest turns 2 on 12/15, so we split the difference with a party on 12/10.)  Anyway, i was mentioning that I was pleased that this week i was able to try on and successfully fit in clothes two sizes smaller.  That immediately caused my mom to launch into a “why don’t you cancel surgery and just keep doing what you are doing?”  I mean, I can’t say I haven’t had the same thought, but honestly, I know that I have not been able to ever sustain any kind of significant weight loss. How do you react to that.  Of course, it made me defensive. 

Tonight was my Christmas Eve dinner.  My liquid diet starts in 3 days, so I made my christmas cookies and had my two favorite christmas foods today.  I found it interesting that I didn’t really want a lot of it.  i gave myself permission for this to kind of being a final meal sort of weekend, but tallying up the damage, while it was more than I allot myself in (about 1200-1500 cals a day right now), and today and yesterday were about 1800-2000 cals) but compared to how I used to eat…..still a whole lot less. 

What are your best tips for surviving the pre-op liquid diet?

I got a new toy yesterday that I am experimenting with, its an ‘Up” bracelet from Jawbone.  I already have a fitbit, so I am comparing between the two.  Whichever one I dont’ use, hubby will probably start using.  Anyone using “Up” yet?

On verticalsleevetalk, there was a great thread about what kind of things we are looking forward to….. here is my list of NSVs I am hoping are in my future:

1. I want to fit in an airplane seat comfortably without an extender.

2. I want to be able to not feel like i need to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom to have enough room.

3. I want hygiene to be easier. 

4. I want to chafe less if I’m really active. 

5. I want to be able to go skiing with my kids (we live 30 minutes from the slopes, haven’t skiied since I was a teenager)

6. I want to be confident I can fit on amusement park rides.

7. I don’t want to worry about whether a booth will be too tight.

8. I want to stop needing to use a CPAP, particularly not having to travel with one, as I travel  a fair amount for work.

9. I would like my diabetes to be gone, and get rid of all my assorted diabetes stuff.

10. I would like to not to have my primary criteria for shoes be ones that i can slip on.

11. I would like to be able to easily paint my toenails.

12. I want to have energy to play with all my kids.

13. I want to buy lingerie at victorias secret.

14.  i want my original wedding rings to fit again.

15. I would like to run a 5k.

16. I would like to join a dance class.

17. At church, I would like to be able to kneel properly without leaning back on the seat.

18. I would like my furniture and bed not to have sagging where I sit or lay.

One Response to “Surgery in T-10; NSVs I am looking forward to”

  1. I only had to do liquid diet for 3 days before surgery so it wasn’t too bad. Am not sure if anyone has told you this yet or not – but don’t stock up on stuff you like just yet. Your tastes change after surgery. What you like now may not sit well with you after you get home. I ended up with a case of Isopure clear that I thought was tasty pre-op and couldn’t gag down post-op. If you haven’t already, invest in a Magic Bullet or small blender for making protein shakes. It really helps when they are super cold with ice blended in.

    Torani SF syrups are almost always on sale at – if you have a prime membership you can get expedited shipping free. Eggface has a link on her site for a lot of the good stuff she uses to make her recipes too.

    I didn’t make a list of the NSVs I was looking forward to – I probably should have. I had RNY in March and so far my NSVs have been – first time I fit into a booth comfortably that pre-op I couldn’t, using a regular bathroom stall, sitting comfortably in arena seats for NHL hockey game, crossing my legs, painting my toenails (though I still love getting a pedicure), sitting sideways in a booth to chat with a friend, crossing my legs under a table in a booth, every time I dropped a dress size – am down 8 of them now, a before and after shot taken 120# later, buying clothes off the rack, fitting into a MEDIUM hockey jersey when before a 56 was too tight, — the list could go on. They are great moments – cherish them.

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