Liquid Diet Day 2; Pre-Op Hospital Class Report

17 Dec

Well, I survived Liquid Diet Days 1-3. I still don’t know how many total calories I am allowed to have on the pre-op liquid diet, but I am trying to keep it between 800-1000. On Wednesday I had my preop class at the hospital. There were about 12 of us in the class, all having surgery within the next two weeks. I found it interesting to consider what brought each person down this path, I am sure similar to mine, but all with unique final breaking points. Some young, some old, most Inbetween.

The class started out with an overview of what to expect at the hospital on the day of surgery and beyond. It sounds like it will be a lot of work and misery, but I am up for it. Then they covered nutrition again, and a physical therapist covered exercise from surgery and beyond. They ended with the psychological aspect, relationships, all that stuff. It was pretty ok, the 2 hours went fairly quickly.

The next day I had my preop visit with my surgeon, and he did a quick physical and patiently answered all my questions. I learned he had had his first patient with a leak last month. 😦 that wasn’t great to hear.

We discussed my recent diagnosis of silent reflux and the lumps they saw in my throat, he said they will do a upper gi before my surgery, not sure if it will be at the preop lab or right before surgery, that is a little confusing, his nurse said they do all that stuff the day of surgery so I don’t have to come in twice, but when i called the number on the sheet for the preop planning, they scheduled me to come in the day prior for all the labs. Anyway, he said that if they discover a hiatal hernia or anything like that, he will fix what he can at the same time. He did confirm that if I am having reflux presurgery, it will probably get worse post surgery. Boo. I don’t have symptoms with the ppi I am on, dexilant, so I am hoping it will still do the trick after.

I am scheduled for surgery at 8:30 am, I am glad I will be the first one.

I have gone out two nights on the preop full liquid diet. One night it was red robins, I had chicken tortilla soup and they blended it for me, it was perfect. Tonight we went to a favorite Chinese restaurant, and they made me s special version of hot and sour soup with the tofu and egg blended and no meat, veggie or mushroom pieces. They also made me up a takeout container of 32 oz of it to take home, it will make for great dinners for the remainder of the preop stage.

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    Good Luck hun x

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