Incision Troubles, the post WLS Blues

9 Jan

All in all, I should be super happy.  scale is dropping (48 lbs gone total), feeling mostly pretty good.  Two issues at this point.

First is I have an incision that is givign me trouble. The 2nd incision from the left (I incorrectly thought this was the one that was oozing a bit in the hospital, but it is not, now that I think about it)  is giving me some trouble.  It’s been fine ever since surgery, no issues.  A few days ago, it pops up open and lets loose some mostly clear ooze.  Hmm.  No fever, no real pus, minimal redness (a few millimeters) around the incision.  Call the on-call doc and he thinks its a seroma.  So basically fine, just pay attention if anything is worse.  Today, after a shower I look down at it, and the scab that had formed had fallen off and the incision is gapped open a bit, and seems redder, and has what looks like more serious looking goo, but maybe that is just from the scab falling off.

The pictures below are TMI, so if you are squeamish, look away!


Today 1/9/12 after shower — water must have loosened the scab off and washed it away?

So that is that.  Yum, huh?  At the moment, no one but me seems to be having kittens over it despite two calls to the doc.  I have a just in case appt on Thursday, in case it gets worse.  They told me to put steristrips back on it to reclose where it has opened in the middle.  So now it looks like this:

In other news, I’m wondering if I need to put a call into my primary care doc to up my antidepressant.  I’m not sure at this point if I’m just expecting too much in recovery or whether I am getting depressed, because I just feel like holing up and doing nothing.  Work feels like too much right now, everything is sorta blah.  I have anxiety, mild depression and SAD, so it could be I need to get more sunlight too.  I have a SAD light, maybe its time to use it again.  Hmm.

7 Responses to “Incision Troubles, the post WLS Blues”

  1. Daphne at 11:08 pm #

    My two cents – I had surgery on leg a number of years ago and it started like this. I waited until it hurt really bad and I felt bad. I would get into see the doc and see if they could even give you some anti-bacterial ointment or something.

    Re meds: remember your digestive process works differently which means meds might be going into your system different. It would hurt to discuss with doc. I also remember be lethargic for a long time post-op. Getting used to running on much fewer calories. Sorry to tell you, but it was 6 months before I felt the Perk back!

  2. mitzi at 12:03 am #

    Be careful x

  3. tz at 2:52 am #

    Just don’t use any over the counter antibacterials like neosporin with out first talking to a doctor, this can cause secondary infections. The wound actually looks pretty good, if there’s no heat, no redness, no oozing of cream or yellow colored exudate and any oozing is clear then you’re in good shape. If you start feeling pain or the redness spreads, or you feel heat or you start getting a fever then go in right away.

    skin repairs itself from the inside out…think of a zipper closing from the bottom to the top, the wound starts knitting together from the deepest point and the last part that heals is the surface…

    any type of major surgery, and that’s what this is takes weeks to recover from. I’m not sure you’ll want to change your anti-depressents until you stabilize, but again, I’m not a doc (just a nurse), so if it feels like it’s too much call your doc and talk to him/her about it.

    hope that helps

    from what I’ve read and the pictures you posted here, you look great! hang in there. you’ve done a wonderful thing for yourself 😀


  4. Pam Schill at 5:20 am #

    When I had my hysterectomy they did it laperscopy. The incision they put the scope in gave me a lot of issues. I had the same thing as you and went to the ER. They had me use sterile water to clean it and gave me some ointment and I had to cover it in sterile gauze. It took a long time to heal. Even today two years later it is purplish.

    As far as depression. I think any time you have surgery and go under it takes a lot out of you. I remember feeling great but didn’t want to go back to work. I was sort of physically able to go back in a week after my hysterectomy. Mentally I wasn’t ready and my doctor wrote me off for six weeks. I really am thankful.

    You have went through a life changing surgery. I know prior to WLS they make us go through mental evaluations but we probably should be talking to someone after. We came out a different person. Sort of like woman who have to have breast removed. You lost a way of life. Even though you were ready it is still huge. Don’t push yourself. Be good to yourself. Take it easy. Listen to your body. I am here if you need me. Pam

    • Sheila at 1:37 pm #

      Ooooh, listen to TZ, she knows what she is talking about!!! Sorry that your incisions seem to be giving you trouble. I hope they heal soon and this will all be a distant fuzzy memory. I think TZ is also right about waiting just a bit longer to change meds. Start using the light and make sure you are taking enough time for yourself. Even if it’s just an extra nap during the week, or a few quiet moments to meditate or read or use your light. Definitely keep putting yourself first, no matter how hard it is. Hang in there!

  5. losermama at 6:18 pm #

    You guys are just great. I wanted to let you know that the incision seems to be healing and looking better. Tracey, your advice was great and reassuring. Thanks everyone for caring about me! In my experience these can go either way, so I was nervous. My first c-section I ended up with a bad infection that a section of had to be reopened and cleand up (ooooooo) so I am nervous about stuff like this, but in this case I think we’re on the way to being better.

  6. Ohh be careful! Had wicked infection with my second c-section it began with a little oozing. Nothing to mess with.


    Hope you heal quickly!

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