3 weeks post op, 1st wls support group (IRL) mtg, book review

12 Jan

Well, today is 3 weeks post op.  What a ride so far.  Today I am officially able to be on soft foods (though I’ve snuck some a few days early) and that is interesting.  I am not sure at this point if I am supposed to expect to get most of my proteins from food, but I am going to try to do so.  I can see how that is a lot harder than getting them from the drinks, the premier protein shakes i’ve been relying on have 30g of protein a shot, so two shakes and I’m pretty much good, and anything else was just (protein) gravy.  I have purchased some foods I’ve never eaten before that are on my list for the soft food phase, like tilapia and salmon.  I’ve never been a fish person, but I figure now is a time to try seeing if I can learn to like new things. 

I have a somewhat unrelated appointment today.  In the midst of all of this waiting for WLS surgery, I began to have difficulty swallowing and chronic sore throat.  I think I may have posted about it before, but in any case, they did a scope and diagnosed me with silent reflux, and I was put on a strong PPI called Dexilant that is working great.  I am sure that some of this was related to the hernia he fixed during surgery. The other part I am having checked out again today, and that is that they found two unexplained lumps/nodules in my throat that the doc was just thinking were a part of the irritation of the throat, but I have to be rescoped today to have them checked out.  I am not a smoker or drinker, which he said were the two big risk factors for the different types of cancer in the throat, so here’s hoping they were just random lumps and bumps. 

Last night I went to my first (in real life) support group meeting for my surgical group’s practice.  I was late because my son’s orthodontic consult ran long (and expensive) but the hour I was there for lifted my spirits.  I caught the last half of a presentation by Anita Nell Swanson, a local woman who was over 500 pounds, had gastric bypass,  and has gone on to not only lose her excess weight, but is now a personal trainer and works a lot with bariatric patients.  She runs a program that is offered at my local YMCA that is an 8 session course for getting started with being healthy if you’re super overweight.  I think I am going to start that in February.  The hard part is always that my travel schedule will likely gear up in february, so I may miss some sessions but better going to some than none at all, I expect.  One note, her website design detracts from her credibility (Anita, you’re amazing, contact me for some ideas about how to make the site support your great message) but please get past that and consider purchasing her book.  She’s amazing!  She had one of her clients speak as well, a woman who was over 400+ when she started and discussed how last year she completed 2 half marathons, and one of them was a mountainous, uphill half marathon locally called Robie Creek.  Holy cow.  I can’t even FATHOM that. 

It was also nice talking to other people in the same boat.  So it was definitely worth going to the group.  I also made a call at least to see if I can hook up with a therapist .  I called the guy who did my bariatric psych eval to start.  He does education classes for the surgical practice I go to, so I am hoping he might be a good guy to start with.  I’m a little weirded out by going to a man for therapy though. What I need is the “Anita Nell” of therapists – that would be awesome.  Someone who has lived this ride or at least understands it pretty deeply.   

From a weight loss perspective, things keep moving.  I am waiting for the “three week stall” now that I am starting soft foods.

A book I highly suggest — 50 ways to soothe yourself without food by Susan Albers.  I love all the ideas it has and how it categorizes into different types of needs and what soothing may help.

I’ve got a few other books on my virtual reading shelf — not sure what I think about those yet because I’ve only peeked and poked into them — some OA books (I have the old print versions, but these are on nook),  The Overeaters Journal, Why Cant I stop Eating, Made to Crave, Weight Loss Surgery cookbook for Dummies, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies.

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  1. mbsodyssey at 12:14 am #

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like the support group was interesting. Glad your throat is filling better!

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