miles, mood and multivitamins

12 Mar

Well, this past week I hit a lot of new milestones physically. I use a fitbit, and reached my “500 mile” status, and I also yesterday had a long day of walking that for the most part was fun until we reached an area of our walk that was under construction which resulted in a long walk around and not so ideal walking conditions. But the whole walk yesterday was 8.25 miles. Amazing, and I don’t feel bad today, still managed to take another decent walk today. Yesterday was something like 23,000 steps. (also got my fitbit badges for 15k and 20k steps in a single day.) I would have never been able to do that even six months ago, and if I had walked that much (which I may have done at disneyworld or the like in the past) I would have been sore and miserable. I was fine today and we walked again today!

Yesterday we did a circuit to walk to breakfast then we walked to a craft store, then we walked up through neighborhoods to a grocery store for a bathroom stop and to buy some water, then we took off up further, visited a park where the kids played, and then up to lunch and to Target and back home again. Home again got a little overwhelming for the kids — particular my 11 year old daughter. She was whining the whole way so that made the walk home not so fun.

The scale isn’t moving though, which is just insane to me. Granted I am eating more calories than I was, but on an average day, my net calories are still around 800.. 1000-1200 consumed, and 200-400 expended in exercise on average. So wtf? Its been about a two week stall again at this point. I have to just figure that at some point the scale has to move again, doesn’t it?

This week was a really hard week, emotionally, and I had a visit to my regular doc to talk about medication adjustments. I’ve been noticing post-op that mid cycle and PMS time have gotten worse emotionally. This past week was really bad, it was all I could do to get out of bed, and get myself to do the things I need to do every week. The first day of the week was ok, fine and productive, and then I just got slammed on Tuesday with overwhelming tiredness and moodiness, didn’t want to do anything. Very hard. The doc said adjusting mood meds is more of an art than a science, so he upped the wellbutrin to 300 mg a day, thought that one would be a better one to try first because it also has an appetite suppressant effect and manages my ADHD, where as my other one tends to increase appetite at higher levels. overall though he was quite happy with my weight loss. He has no need to start me on diabetes meds again at this point, which is cool. I hope the increased meds helps.

I am having problems getting my multivitamin in FOUR times a day. Do other sleevers have to take a multi 4x a day? My nut is so emphatic about only two good options for bariatric multivitamins out there that I am scared to switch. I will say when I travel, I use opurity once a day vitamins, which taste like crap but at least I only have to take one a day. Normally I am supposed to take optisource vitamins, which are fine, but I almost always miss one dose a day. So I wish I could find an equivalent formulation to optisource that could be taken 2-3x a day.

tomorrow starts the next Mytinytank six week accountability group. I really enjoyed the first round. Tracy is an incredibly smart and nice person and is so far ahead of me down the road, a wise mentor. I really appreciate what she does for the WLS community. I have to decide today on my next six week goal and I am having trouble settling on one, whether I should continue with an exercise consistency goal, or whether I should switch it something around eating behaviors, as I am seeing more desire to eat bad foods. I am still getting my required protein in, and a reasonable number of calories (I 1000-1200 ok? it seems a lot larger than what some eat, so maybe not)

I had a good appt with my therapist this week, I guess I’ve settled that its just nice to have someone who gets it to talk to. She is very down to earth and kind. I have another issue that is much more tender/emotion ridden for me and we talked about that as well as eating issues. I have a different issue that again is a “socially acceptable” sort of addiction, and I am trying very hard not to let that issue pop up and become an outlet. I swear, its like a game of whack a mole. All I can do is keep going one day at a time. A worn out expression but very true.

7 Responses to “miles, mood and multivitamins”

  1. Linda Sherwood at 5:45 am #

    I take Celebrate vitamins, which are made especially for WLS patients. It recommends 2 a day for multivitamins. I tend to take it once a day, and my stats have came back all in range.

    My calorie intake has been about 1,000 calories lately, and I haven’t seen a lot of movement on the scale either. I do need to up my exercise. Today the weather was awesome, so I was able to get a walk in. I like that so much better than using a treadmill.

    • trina lockary at 5:52 am #

      Really and truly if you want to lose try eating 1000-1200 calories AFTER exercise… if you do 350 calories of exercise you need a min of 1300 calories, preferably 1500. 60-70% protein and tons of water.
      I went into a long early stall due to early starvation mode by not getting enough calories over all. If you eat between 70-90 grams of protein and keep up the exercise you really should see results

      • losermama at 4:42 pm #

        wow, that would be a lot…3 days a week I do zumba, which is 700 calories, so on those days would be consuming 1700-1900 calories a day which is way beyond what most other sleevers seem to be eating, but maybe I need to try something, I’m not even sure how I’d get that many calories in without eating all day. I was already feeling guilty that my gross calories are often around 1200. I am definitely getting in my protein (usually about 85-90 grams easily) and my water. I have my 3 month followup today so I am hoping to ask the NUT also for input. I have had some “bad snacks” but overall, I’m getting my protein and my net calories have been comparable to other sleevers, so I don’t get it. I think i just have to be patient.

      • trinaxxl at 7:39 pm #

        good luck with the Nut…try even a increase of 200 calories and be sure to take a day off to reset your system…but I bet you are building muscles galore cause your last During pic is way too tiny for just having lost 65 pounds….looks more 100 down to me

    • losermama at 4:44 pm #

      The nice weather really is great isn’t it? Though its gone back to chilly and blustery here now. I may have to look into Celebrate again, I need to talk to my nut, she poopooed anything other than Optisource bariatrics or Bariatric Fusion. Both of these require 4 doses a day. I need to have the conversation with her, is it better to miss two doses or to get most everything through two doses which I can actually remember to take…LOL

  2. mitzi at 7:18 am #

    Hey hun
    This is a lovely update on how things are going for you.
    Thanks for sharing, looks to me that you must congratulate yourself for the progress you have made to date. You are doing really well. Your stall is your body playing catch up, it will kick start again.
    Now, can I have some of your determination please, I am all zapped out 🙂

    Mitzi x

    • losermama at 4:42 pm #

      Thanks Mitzi, I’m sending some determination across the way. Catch!

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