A bad day, low iron and identifying triggers

21 Mar

So this is all feeling rather like a big pile of spaghetti noodles to sort out.  Today was a really strange day.  It is the first day that I would say I willfully broke most of my eating guidelines and just kept going.  I also didn’t exercise.  I am trying to figure out why.  Possible reasons:

  • WLS Honeymoon is over?
  • Hubby was home and I just wanted to be like old days in having fun with him
  • Onederland is close and some part of me is not ready?
  • TOM?
  • Stress from some source I can’t really identify as a trigger?

What I can say is good about it is, despite how crap my eating was, I still logged it.  The temptation to just “skip” logging the bad stuff I ate and say I’ll start over tomorrow was very strong.  But I didn’t.  Its out there in all its shameful glory.

I know I recognize this sort of feeling.  I felt disconnected today, not with it.  I felt like I was somehow not a WLS post op.  I just wanted to do what I wanted to do, eat what i wanted to eat, and pretend like life was like it used to be.

So I can see I did this, but I can’t really FEEL that any of the reasons above is a legitimate “oh yes, that’s absolutely it” source for why I did what I did.

So I guess, more musing is required to see if I am ever able to overcome my “trigger blindness” that I seem to have.

I also got a call from the doc and learned that my iron level in my 3 month post op blood work was low, it was 24 and should have been in the range of 50-150.  So I had to go out tonight and get an iron supplement. I am not sure how soon it will help.

Well, I won’t say “back to it tomorrow” because really, its back to today.  In the next minute, i can choose to make better choices than I made in the last minute.

5 Responses to “A bad day, low iron and identifying triggers”

  1. mitzi at 6:29 am #

    Hi x
    Thank you for sharing, you mentioned something that is key, plotting everything you eat good or bad. It all becomes part of the picture.
    I hope your iron gets sorted, it will take a little time for the haemoglobin to adjust but your on the case so good luck. All the natural food choices rich in iron help, and I hear vitamin c helps to absorb iron from foods.

    Be ready, I got to 2lb away from Onederland and bounced back. I know what your saying and identified with your reasons. Be ready, your doing really well.

    All the best
    Mitzi x x

    • losermama at 7:58 pm #

      You know, Mitzi, I’m just 4 lbs from onederland. I wonder how much of it is this. Being in the 100s I lose a lot of the excuses I’ve had for not doing stuff or not trying stuff. LOL. So I think there is a little something to this. I am on track today, I made myself go into my office instead of workign from home as usual, to have a little structure for my day. Thk you– hugs as always!

  2. iamsucceeding2 at 1:05 pm #

    {{HUGS}} Day by day right? Gotta just keep swimmin’!

    • losermama at 7:59 pm #

      That is really the only choice, and that is sort of a revelation to me. Its not all or nothing. I can have a bad day and now, I can have a good one. The world won’t end! (can you tell I’m trying to positive self-talk myself into this? ) TEehee. Thanks for support.

  3. Kristyn Sachs at 5:21 am #

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