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A year since I began the WLS pre-op journey

25 Aug

This week marks one year since I started my WLS preop journey, beginning to work on losing weight and attending a WLS seminar.  I can’t believe its been a year!  A year ago I weighed 278 pounds.  Today, I weigh 184.  A year ago, I couldn’t fit in an airplane seat without an extender. Today, I have about 8-9 inches to spare.  A year ago I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without dying.  Today, there was a fire drill and I was able to get up 12 flights of stairs after the drill and be huffing less than some other “skinny” people.  A year ago, I was wearing size 26 pants. Today, I am wearing size 14.  A year ago, I was really focused on weight loss. Today, I’m not and need to be re-energized to go the final distance.  A year ago, I was afraid WLS was not going to work for me. Today, I am afraid that I will not be able to go the final distance and maintain my loss.

So a lot a lot of good stuff, but also still some other stuff going on that still needs worked on.  Overall, what a difference a year makes!!

Before photos; Hair Loss after WLS is Topic of the Week

17 Sep

Gulp.  This is not fun.  I’ve posted my Before and After Photo Page, but currently only has Before photos.  Technically i’ve already lost 12 lbs, but its close enough.   I hope to be able to be posting great “afters” at some point.  I’m always curious, do the people who DON’T have great success post their afters?  I don’t think i have seen a #wls blog or pages with people who didn’t lose much. 

I am going to be posting my question of the week, and will be researching this topic through the week, and compiling the results of my research on this topic at the end of the week, along with a conclusion of how I feel about it. 

Before I begin my fears around hair loss are pretty big.  I have lots of thick long hair, BUT because of PCOS, I can tell it is thinning in the front in the bang area.  because I have so much elsewhere at the moment its not as noticeable that this is the case, but it makes me nervous to think about losing a ton of hair.

So what I am seeking to find out:

  • What can I do to minimize hair loss after weight loss surgery?
  • Does one type of weight loss surgery see greater hair loss than another?
  • When should I expect it to start falling out?
  • Do women with PCOS have a worse time with hair loss and/or hair regrowth AFTER the loss?
  • Will the hair loss be similar to what happened post-partum?
  • What is the best post-surgery protein/vitamin/supplement routine to get things back to normal?
  • Are there any topical products that will help with this?
  • What are the best ways to “hide” the hair loss while its happening?
  • Are there any women who have gone completely bald due to this?


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