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1st of 3 WLS Medical Diet Supervision Appt. – Southbeach?

19 Sep

I had my first of three required medical diet supervision appointments with my surgeon’s PA today.  She was smirky.  Glad I don’t have to see her too often. What I mean by smirky is, you don’t get a vibe of true passion for the plight of obesity.  Do you know what I mean?  I am not sure if that was because she had a student observer in there and she was not being normal, but I am not a fan of smirky.  Anyway, don’t have to love her, just have to meet with her once a month, and I can do that! 

She said that they would like to see me lose weight of course, but at a minimum, I can’t gain any weight.  According to their scale today, I am 270.9.  I really need to set my scale to match theirs.  I wonder how I do that? 

We discussed my current eating and activity habits.  I already have the functional knowledge of what is needed so our discussion was fairly short.  She handed me a handout based on South Beach Diet because she said that is most like what my diet will eventually be in pre-op (phase 2 of South Beach).  We talked through the handout.  She said I could either choose to do that plan or continue with Weight Watchers, but she definitely seemed like leaning toward the South Beach plan because it would better prepare me for post-op life, so I think I’ll be headed that way, but maybe still tracking with Weight Watchers, unless South beach has similar awesome tracking tools.

She said I would not have a pre-op liquid diet. She said occasionally, with sleeve patients, my doc might require a brief period of liquids only pre-op, but only if BMI warranted it. 

I asked her for her opinion on sleeve versus RNY for me, and she said if I have a problem with carbs/fats and craving them, that RNY would probably likely be the better way to go.  I think that is true, but I also really like the idea of losing all the grehlin-producing stomach, curbing my appetite.  So I remain torn, but maybe a skosh closer toward RNY if dumping might be a tool for me.  I wonder if sleeve would be enough to get me on the right road and build new habits, without the drasticness of RNY?  Of course, removing the majority of your stomach is pretty drastic too.

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