About Losermama

LoserMama is a busy mom of 4 in Idaho who is on the journey to lose weight for my own health and for her family. This blog will attempt to chronicle my journey to a healthy weight through surgical weight loss.

A little about me

I am more than obesity.  Let’s see, what comes first?  In no priority order…..

 I am skilled in my profession which is in the high tech software space.  I’d like a little bit of mystery, so I won’t say much more than I work currently for a large high tech company, and have worked in high tech for almost 18 years.  I enjoy my work and derive a great deal of my identity from my work. 

I have been married to a wonderful hubby for almost 20 years, who loves me no matter what.  He is of normal size and is active and strong (and handsome, if the times he has been mistaken for Keanu Reeves tell you anything 🙂 )  He is exceedingly patient with my vacillating range of compulsive habits, such as my dog bulimia (we have a rotating door of foster and adopted dogs).  he is very different from me, and we are best friends in life. 

I have 4 lovely kids, age 12 (almost 13), 11, 4 and 21 months.   Busy!!  They are one of my major motivators for why I am doing this.  I want to be able to run and play with them better, keep up with them, be someone they can be proud of.  They keep us busy, but it is hard for me to be the mom I want to be because I am tired and I hurt because of my weight.

I have a long history of obesity and struggles with weight, climbing from a weight of 132 at my wedding at age 19 in 1992, to a peak weight of 305 when pregnant with my3rd child in 2007.  So many people assume that having kids is the reason for the weight gain.  Nope.  I was already clinically obese before my first child was born in 1998, I sometimes wish I could blame my weight on my kids 🙂  I currently have several health problems related to obesity — Type 2 diabetes (mild so far, controlled by oral meds), Sleep Apnea, Knee Problems and borderline high blood pressure.  I have worked through multiple Weight Watchers attempts, fen-phen, Atkins, Overeaters Anonymous, The Solution (mental approach…quasi cognitive behavorial), shrink yourself.com (another cognitive behavioral approach).

In summer of 2011, I became eligible through my husband’s insurance to have weight loss surgery.  I attended a seminar in August 2011, and have my surgical consult on September 12, 2011.  Current plan is to have gastric bypass or gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.  I have diet appointments on 2nd monday of each month, September, October and November.  I have my psych eval 2nd Monday of October.  I don’t know what medical tests I will need to have done. 

 I have been tracking my points with Weight watchers since mid-August, and have been staying mostly within my points range in the last two weeks.  I have been tracking my steps with my fitbit, which I have had since last Christmas and have been actively tracking steps for the last month or so.  In the last week i’ve been trying to up my steps, but getting in activity is my challenge because I really don’t enjoy any form that I can imagine.  The best it got was early this year when I could walk and listen to books on my iPhone.  its hard in the summer because it is sooooo hot that I hate being outside, so I am looking forward to the cool down because I do enjoy walking in fall and spring.  I need to figure out how to handle winter and summer.

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